Welcome to Uniblue

Excellent software is just the start.

At Uniblue, we create simple but powerful tools to improve your computer's speed and stability. Although our focus may be narrow and our task specific, with more than ten years of research and development under our belts, we know it takes more than excellent software to provide great service.

That is why, to complement our award winning products, we provide a comprehensive service that includes excellent customer care and Uniblue Product Support, regular product updates and quality information libraries you can access online.

We have grown significantly over the last years and, although we are posed to grow even further, we promise to stick to what we do best: providing effective, easy to use software and good support you can rely on.

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Uniblue headquarters

The new Uniblue headquarters, on the Mediterranean island of Malta in the European Union, have been designed with the environment and the well being of the Uniblue team in mind. With its own testing labs, support center and in house research and development teams, this is the heart of Uniblue's innovative software releases. The building itself makes use of natural light and ventilation allowing the company to work in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us for a press enquiry.

Welcome to Uniblue

The Uniblue Story

The Uniblue story Life at Uniblue is never short of events. Once an upstart company founded by three people, we are now a sizeable bunch and an established firm perched on a legacy of growth and continuous development.

Career opportunities

Uniblue career opportunities Uniblue is always on the look out for new talent to join our constantly growing family, however at the moment there are no available career opportunities.

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Become a Uniblue partner To learn about how you can become a Uniblue partner, go to our Partner opportunities page where you can contact our specialized team.

For website owners, we offer an affiliate program that delivers high and reliable commission rates.

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