What does MaxiDisk do?

A computer’s hard disk is prone to accumulating unnecessary files, such as Windows temporary files and temporary internet files, which can either be created by applications or stored by a web browser.

While some files cannot be moved, other files can be defragmented to shorten loading time.

MaxiDisk is the compact solution to hard disk maintenance. You can:
  • Analyze your disk to find out which files can be defragmented, as well as how much disk space is available.
  • Clean out all unnecessary files, including junk files and old backups, consuming your hard disk.
  • Compress large files to gain valuable storage space
  • Easily manage settings and access essential system information.
Simplify hard disk maintenance and system improvement

1. Overview

Discover how much of your data needs defragmentation by running a quick disk analysis.

2. Analyze

Defragment your files to optimize your disk's performance.

3. Gain Space

Gain Space
Quickly remove unwanted files to free up your hard disk space.

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MaxiDisk resources:

MaxiDisk quick start guide For help on how to get started with MaxiDisk, download our easy to read quick start guide.

MaxiDisk update history:

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